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The iNTELLiGENT heat pump

The iNTELLiGENT heat pump

The iNTELLiGENT iDM heat pump is more than just a heating solution. It is a milestone in heating technology that combines efficiency, comfort and safety. If you are looking for a sustainable and smart way to heat your home or business, the iDM heat pump is the answer. Bet on the future and make the smart choice for a sustainable, comfortable, connected and future-proof technology.








The NAVIGATOR 2.0 with high-resolution 7″ touch display and clear and self-explanatory menu navigation takes over the complete control and monitoring of the iDM heat pump.


The iDM heat pump cannot only heat the building in winter and cool it in summer, additionally the heat pump provide hot water all year round.

A flow switch detects a domestic hot water draw-off. During this draw-off, the hot water station is regulated so that the set hot water temperature can be maintained and efficient storage tank use is guaranteed.

A wide range of hot water requirements can be covered by cascading hot water stations (up to 4 stations).

Up to 6 heating circuits per heat pump can be configured for heating and cooling circuits. Functions such as room temperature and room humidity measurement improve comfort for the customer. Up to 60 heating circuits can therefore be controlled in the cascade.

Bivalence management controls the activation of an external heat generator depending on the outside temperature or an additional cooling generator depending on demand. Depending on the application, you can choose between different bivalence strategies.

With the “Navigator Pro” individual room control, each room can be individually temperature-controlled via the underfloor heating. The temperature and humidity are measured. The “Navigator Pro” also learns the heating behavior of the rooms and thus ensures great comfort. In addition, a PV system or a variable electricity tariff can be ideally utilized with the individual room control (In conjunction with a PV system, the surplus energy can be stored in the building). The limitation (to 10 zone modules) is based on the speed of the currently used interface (Modbus).

Heating circuits can also be configured to perform differential temperature control. This means that wood boilers or water-led tiled stoves, for example, can be easily integrated.

Simple solar control (differential temperature control) is possible with the Navigator as standard. By expanding with the iDM solar station (incl. solar add-on board), a layered solar feed-in (heating/hot water switchover) is possible.


The Navigator can be used to control the circulation pump via a digital output. A time program can be stored for the circulation or it can be activated by a short tap (1s – 3s). Hot water circulation ensures optimum hot water comfort.

A weather forecast for the heat pump location is displayed. Likewise, a control of the heating curve can take place on the basis of the forecast data.

With “Alexa” voice control, it is possible to operate iDM heat pumps using voice commands. Operating modes, hot water and heating circuit temperature changes, as well as weather queries can be carried out.

Noise-reduced operation can be set via a time program. Noise emissions can be minimized by reducing the power and slowing down the compressor speed. This means that emission limits can be adhered to during sensitive periods. However, this function does not replace sound engineering planning of the system.

A wide variety of time programs (hot water preparation, hot water circulation, room temperatures for individual rooms, room temperatures for heating circuits) can be used to make individual settings for comfort and efficiency.

The heat pump automatically switches to heating and cooling mode depending on the outside temperature. This eliminates the inconvenience of switching the individual operating modes on and off during the transition period.

Boosting the hot water storage tank to increase the hot water volume (pouring capacity) in certain periods.


With iDM system cooling, heating and cooling can be produced simultaneously. This almost doubles the efficiency of the system. Ideal for use with systems that also have a similarly high heating/hot water requirement in cooling mode.

The heat pump adapts to the heating and cooling requirements of the building and thus avoids unnecessary temperature increases. This ensures maximum efficiency.

The flow temperatures are regulated depending on the outside temperature and room temperature (for heating and cooling). This ensures that sufficient heating capacity is available at low outside temperatures and that the heat pump runs as efficiently as possible at high outside temperatures. The heat pump thus adapts the flow temperatures ideally to the building.

With air heat pumps, the heat source is outside air, which is drawn through the heat pump. When energy is extracted from the outside air, ice forms on the heat exchanger at cold temperatures due to the humidity. As humidity and outside temperature vary over time, the amount of ice formation is not always the same. The intelligent iDM control system recognizes how much ice has formed and only starts the defrosting process, in which ice is melted off the heat exchanger, when it is necessary. This results in maximum efficiency of the system.

With HGL technology, the hot water (hygienic) can be charged at a higher temperature while the heat pump is operating at a low temperature while the heating is being supplied. This improves the seasonal performance factor and consequently the economic efficiency.


All relevant input/output statuses are recorded using a micro SD card in the heat pump display. Data is available every 15 seconds as standard. In the event of a fault or when optimizing the system, the data can be used to carry out a quick analysis.

Speed-controlled compressors have a wide range of applications between different heat source and heat sink temperatures. The manufacturers of these compressors define speed restrictions within these operating limits to ensure the longest possible service life. The intelligent iDM control system ensures compliance with these operating limits in all operating modes.

To prevent condensation of the room humidity, dew point-controlled flow temperature control and dew point monitoring are possible. In conjunction with the individual room control, it is also possible to control dehumidifiers. This ensures the maximum cooling capacity of the cooling systems and at the same time prevents moisture damage.

The Navigator software is constantly being improved and there are always new updates available. The latest software is also available for existing systems (e.g. expansion of connectivity to PV systems). This means that owners of existing systems also have access to the latest possible technologies and developments.

iDM Monitoring

With the iDM monitoring features, you always have everything in view and can sit back and relax.


The heat pump data for each operating mode (heat quantities, running times, electrical power consumption) are processed in statistics and key figures and visualized on the display.

Counters with an S0 output can be displayed on the Navigator via a counter module interface. This data can be found on the Navigator in the statistics. This provides an overview of all electrical and thermal consumption as well as water consumption, especially for larger systems.


Immediate notification of error messages via SMS and/or e-mail (configurable).

iDM Energy Management

The iDM energy management system visualizes and optimizes the operation of all networked energy-relevant components.


The Navigator provides statistics on the entire system and energy balances with generated and consumed energy. When integrating photovoltaic systems, a live view of the energy flow is also shown and the degree of self-sufficiency and self-consumption rate are calculated.


The heat pump knows the electricity prices for the next 24 hours (day-ahead prices) and adjusts the control accordingly.
accordingly. As a result, hot water charges are shifted to a “cheaper” time or the heating and cooling temperatures are adjusted to the electricity prices.

The heat pump communicates with the PV system and adapts its control to the PV surplus. The heat pump pursues various (configurable) control strategies (e.g. hot water and heat storage increase, use of the building mass as storage).

With iON, we go one step further and always operate the heat pump 24 hours a day in such a way that it achieves the best possible efficiency, makes ideal use of photovoltaic yields and minimizes your energy costs – based on weather forecasts, electricity prices (day-ahead) and user behaviour.

iDM cascade control

Several heat pumps are usually used in large systems. The iDM cascade control of the Navigator intelligently networks up to 10 heat pumps in the system and coordinates the operation of the heat pumps.


In large systems, several heat pumps are usually used. The iDM cascade control networks all heat pumps in the system and coordinates their operation. Thanks to a clear configuration and visualization of all heat pumps, operators always have an overview of their system.

An iDM cascade system can simultaneously run different operating modes (heating, cooling, hot water). By observing consumption and storage temperatures, it is calculated how many heat pumps are needed for each operating mode. This ensures the ideal comfort for heating, cooling and hot water.


The iDM cascade management can be configured so that all individual heat pumps run in such a way that an even utilization of the individual compressors is ensured. This extends the service life of the entire system.


If ground-source and air-source heat pumps are mixed in an iDM cascade system, the iDM control system calculates which heat pump can operate most efficiently at current heat source temperatures. Thus, the heat pump that generates the lowest operating costs always runs.

A heat pump system with several heat pumps requires a lot of sensors, pumps and valves. Thanks to an intelligent configuration option for cascade control, several heat pumps can share sensors, pumps and valves. This reduces the installation effort and also the investment costs.

iDM connectivity

The iNTELLiGENTE HEAT PUMP from iDM comes with a wealth of useful interfaces on board.


The Smart Navigator app or myiDM enables location-independent control and monitoring of the iDM heat pump via smartphone or PC.

The heat pump can be integrated into your smart home system or existing energy management system or BMS via Modbus TCP, BACnet IP or EIB/KNX.

Integration of PV systems (via various interfaces) into the Navigator and thus access to all relevant data.

Integration of batteries (via various interfaces) into the Navigator and thus access to all relevant data.

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