The iDM TERRA SW heat pump with TWIN technology has 2 compressors for stage control in one housing.


The TERRA SW Twin geothermal heat pump is equipped with two compressors. This means it is perfectly equipped for objects with an output of between 20/26/35/42 kW. It adapts its output to the current consumption, in this process, the heat pump is particularly efficient. The TERRA SW Twin therefore complies with all funding criteria and has been awarded the EHPA quality label.

  • Two compressors for demand-based output adaptations
  • Controlled HGL technology for maximum hot water convenience and
    a long lifecycle
  • High COP of 5.17 for low energy consumption
  • Sound Reduction System for silent operation
  • Navigator 2.0 control system to optimise energy consumption and convenience
  • Research, development and production in Austria
  • Voice control of the most important functions


With an output of 20 – 42 kW, it is no problem  for the TERRA SW Twin to heat larger buildings. Two compressors inside the heat pump provide extra reliability.


Brochure – TERRA SW Twin

Brochure – TERRA SW H


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