For flow temperatures up to 70 °C and maximum output, iDM has designed the TERRA SW Max H series of large heat pumps for geothermal/groundwater.


iDM has developed the TERRA SW Max H series of large heat pumps for geothermal and groundwater for maximum output and flow temperatures of up to 70 °C. Equipped with the Navigator 2. 0 control system, these high-temperature heat pumps are available in different performance classes and designs from 35 kW to 180 kW.

The high-temperature heat pumps from iDM are perfect for use in hotels, commercial buildings or residential complexes where hot water must be complied with in accordance with the Drinking Water Ordinance. The Terra SW MAX H is also the perfect choice for refurbishment properties where high performance and flow temperatures are required.

  • High temperatur heat pump for high flow/hot water temperatures
  • High COP of 5,99 for low energy consumption
  • iDM system cooling (passive and active cooling possible)
  • Navigator 2.0 control system to optimise energy consumption and convenience
  • Voice control of the most important functions
  • Research, development and production in Austria
  • Easy connection of several systems in a cascade with a total heating output of up to 900 kW


TERRA SW MAX H heat pumps can be cascaded up to 900 kW. Typical areas of application of these large heat pumps are hotels, commercial buildings, residential complexes or industrial buildings in which the water heating must be complied with according to the Drinking Water Ordinance.

The drinking water ordinance
in apartment buildings, hotel complexes, retirement homes, hospitals, sports and industrial facilities.
The drinking water ordinance DIN EN 1988-200 and the DVGW worksheet W 551 apply to the preparation of domestic hot water in apartment buildings (not one or two family houses) with a domestic hot water heater of over 400 liters and/or over 3 liters of pipeline volume between the outlet of the drinking water heater and the tapping point.

The drinking water ordinance states for central domestic hot water preparation:

  • A temperature of at least 60 °C must always be maintained at the outlet of the domestic hot water heater (also with use of flow-through fresh water systems with a downstream pipe volume of over 3 liters).
  • In circulation mode, the circulation return temperature may be max. 5 K below the outlet temperature of the domestic hot water heater.
  • For energy-saving purposes, the circulation pump may be deactivated for a maximum of 8 hours a day, which means that lower temperatures are permitted during this time if hygienic conditions permit.


Brochure – TERRA SW Max


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