Women’s power at iDM

Women’s power in technology!

The young master from Prägraten am Großvenediger is also responsible for the refrigeration technology apprentices at the company iDM heat pumps in Matrei in East Tyrol.

“After compulsory school I wanted to start an apprenticeship as a kiln setter, but I couldn’t find a company in East Tyrol that would have hired girls. During my trial days at iDM, I literally caught fire for energy technology and decided to start the 3. 5-year apprenticeship as a refrigeration system engineer, the 26-year-old told us during our visit to iDM in Matrei. In addition to her apprenticeship, Bianca also completed her Matura at WIFI. “The company has been very supportive and I was given the opportunity to switch to the research and development department after completing my apprenticeship and the Matura. There, the heat pumps and prototypes are thoroughly tested and further developed.”

Bianca is also involved in the commissioning of new systems, mainly in households. “So, from research and development to the use of heat pumps, I am closely involved in everything this is a very fascinating activity for me. Since last January, the 26-year-old has been responsible as an apprentice representative for the refrigeration technology apprentices. “We are currently training seven refrigeration technology apprentices in our company. From next autumn we will also have our own training workshop available. It gives me great pleasure to be involved in the planning work.”

In 2018, the committed young Iseltaler began with the master course for refrigeration and air conditioning technology, took the entrepreneurial examination and received her master certificate in May 2019. “My employer made it possible for me to attend the masterclass in Innsbruck during working hours. It was a very challenging but also exciting time. I was able to learn a lot, especially during the entrepreneurial examination, which is also possible in Life can use very well.

As part of the master class, Bianca dealt in particular with refrigeration and refrigeration systems. “I can also use this knowledge optimally when it comes to heat pumps. The systems must be dimensioned to be able to work highly efficiently. My assignments as a service engineer are all about finding errors, analysing and waiting. Often the householders are amazed when they have asked for a service technician and suddenly a woman appears at the door. But everything has always worked perfectly, and there have never been any problems.

Bianca also praises the collaboration with her mostly male colleagues in high tones: “It is uncomplicated and fun. In vocational school, I was the only girl in the class, and I was cared for and very comfortable. The young co-worker wants to encourage girls and, in principle, young people to venture and try out new things. “You should not allow yourself to be influenced too much by parents and teachers when choosing a career, but listen to yourself. I am proud to be able to work more with apprentices. iDM is the only company in East Tyrol that trains refrigeration technology apprentices. The need for such professionals is great, and I can only recommend taking up this exciting profession!”

Text: Raimund Mühlburger, Images: Martin Lugger
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