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Comfortably warm: our heat pumps heat large areas in underfloor or wall-mounted heating systems. Rooms are kept comfortably warm at all times, even at low heating temperatures.

Natural and clean: our modern heat pumps do not produce on-site emissions. No soot, smoke or wood dust can impair the air quality.

If the heat pump is operated with ecologically-friendly power (e.g. hydropower, photovoltaics, etc.), the entire energy generation process is completely free of emissions and is CO2-neutral. This means that natural resources will still be available for us to use in the future.

Extremely efficient: heat and energy from nature are available for free – an advantage that pays off: 4 x environmental energy + 1 x electrical energy = 5 x heating energy


iDM heat pumps are not only environmentally friendly but also efficient. All of our products boast high COPs. COP is short for coefficient of performance, the key figure for efficiency. The higher the COP, the lower the heat pump’s energy consumption. However, the heat pump is not the only contributor to a high level of heating system efficiency: heat sources (ground or air) and heating systems (the supply temperature and the coordination of the heat distribution within the house) are also very important. Installers are responsible for providing the second series of important elements and for this reason, we place as much value on the installers’ “expertise” than on “top-of-the-range iDM technology”. You are the third element to keep the energy consumption to a minimum, as maintaining a room temperature of 24°C consumes considerably more energy than a room temperature of 21°C. However, iDM heat pumps are a good basis for low electricity costs thanks to high COPs.

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