Heating system in public areas – Ospitaletto Brescia

This is a pilot project aimed at demonstrating the possibility of bringing existing industrial waste heat to residential areas. It is the first of 4 plants supported and built by the European Union. The plant is defined as the 5th generation of district heating. With this type of system, the energy loss during transport is to be kept as low as possible: due to the low waste heat temperatures of approx. 20 °C 25 °C, it is sufficient to lay normal PP pipes without insulation in the ground to transport the waste heat to residential areas and use it as an energy source for the iDM heat pumps. The ring pipe has a length of about 5 km with a water content of 160 .

A total of 14 SW MAX H heat pumps were installed in 4 heating stations.

You can find all technical data in the PDF file:

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