For maximum performance, iDM has designed the TERRA SW Max large heat pump series for geothermal/groundwater.
By cascading several units, power requirements of up to 1,500 kW can be met.


For maximum performance and minimum space requirements iDM has designed the large heat pump series TERRA SW Max
for geothermal and groundwater. Equipped with the Navigator 2.0 control system, a total of 27 models in various performance
classes and versions from 35 – 280 kW are available – by cascading several devices, even power requirements up to 1.500 kW can be met.

  • High COP of 6.07 Groundwater at W 10° C / W 35° C for low energy consumption
  • Compact design with very small required installation space (app. 1 m² for 140 kW)
  • Controlled HGL technology for maximum hot water convenience and a long service life
  • Two separate refrigeration circuits and two compressors for a high level of
    operational safety and demand-based output adaptation
  • Clever construction ensures quiet operation
  • Intelligent Navigator 2.0 control – heating circuit control, cascade control,
    communication with building control and energy management system
  • Simple connection of several systems in a cascade with a total heating
    capacity up to 1.500 kW
  • Hydraulic connection accessories and storage tank for large heat pumps
  • Voice control of the most important functions


TERRA SW MAX heat pumps can be cascaded up to 1.500 kW. Typical areas of application of these large heat pumps
are hotels, residential areas, commercial properties or industrial buildings.


Brochure – TERRA SW Max


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