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heat sources


iDM air source heat pumps use the outside air as a heat source. They are easy to install and almost invisible when installed indoors.

deep drilling (GROUND)

Ground source heat pumps (brine/water) use geothermal heat as a heat source.
Geothermal heat pumps can operate all year round with constant temperatures from the earth.

direct evaporation (GROUND)

The direct evaporation is a perfect and cost-effective alternative to the brine flat collector.
Here, the solar pipes are laid in loops in a trench with, for example, a width of 2 m and a deep of 1. 5 m.

flat collector (GROUND)

The flat collector draws its energy from sun and rain. This means that the ground above the surface collector must not be sealed: no asphalt, concrete or similar.
Even deep-rooted plants may not be planted on the area used.


Groundwater heat pumps (water/water) use heat directly from the groundwater via two wells.

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