Air heat pumps up to 500 kW in cascades for large-scale projects.


The iDM air source heat pump AL 50 Max is designed for a high power requirement of large buildings and works very efficiently. With a heat output of 50 kW per machine – or up to 500 kW in cascades – this heat pump meets the requirements for the heat supply of hotels, residential or commercial properties or even industrial buildings. AL Max – these are actually two machines in one housing: At the heart of the powerful system are two scroll capsule compressors with generously dimensioned, copper-brazed and insulated heat plate exchangers as condenser. In the air heat pump even the evaporators are separated and each have its own, particularly quiet fan with owl inspired wing design.

  • High COP of 4,82 for low energy consumption
  • Sound Reduction System SRS for silent operation
  • Two compressors for output adaptations and a low energy consumption
  • Navigator 2.0 control system to optimise energy consumption and convenience
  • Voice control of the most important functions


With a cascade solution of up to 500 kW, the AL Max can be used to accommodate hotels, residential and commercial buildings, commercial properties or even industrial buildings can be heated without problems.


Brochure – AL Max


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