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Heat pump systems from 5-700 kW

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TERRA ILM Complete air heat pumps

NEW: the compact TERRA ILM Complete air heat pump for indoor setup boasts a top-of-the-range COP of 4.23

INDIVIDUAL with geothermal heat pumps

TERRA SW 22-42 Twin heat pumps convince with a top-of-the-range COP of 5.2.

INDIVIDUAL with air heat pumps

TERRA AL 17-30 Twin air heat pump for larger objects and a COP over 4.

Ready for Smart Grid

IDM make intelligent use of electrical energy with Smart Grids or now even with photovoltaics systems


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Using ambient heat efficiently.

IDM heat pumps use renewable energy from the ground, water, air or sun to heat domestic spaces, provide hot water and they are also increasingly being used for air conditioning. They produce no local emissions and their high coefficients of performance (COP) mean they only use about a fifth of the heating energy as electrical energy.
IDM heat pumps with HGL technology (hot-gas charging for high temperatures to provide hot water) are particularly efficient. The Hygienik fresh water system heats up a maximum of 140 litres of water per minute to offer you extremely high levels of fresh and hygienic hot water convenience.
IDM heat pumps and solar plants from 5 to 700 kW for heating, air conditioning and hot water with HGL technology - feel good about high-end IDM technology and your installer's expertise.

Making natural use of sun, earth, water and air. The energy family.

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