The heat output of the heat pump is continuously adjusted by modulation between 3 kW and 11 kW or 6 kW and 17 kW  to the actual heat requirement.


The new AERO SLM is a modulating air source heat pump for efficient power adaptation. The heating, cooling and domestic hot water preparation for detached houses is a child´s play to the new AERO SLM. The heat output of the heat pump is continuously adjusted by modulation between 3 kW –  11 kW or 6 kW – 17 kW to the actual heat requirement. Using high-quality components and CIC inverter cooling, the AERO SLM is a highly efficient heat pump with a COP of 4.37 (SLM 3-11) or COP of 4.50 (SLM 6-17).

  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Inverter controlled power modulation for low energy consumption
  • Navigator 2.0 control system with 7“ colour touch display
  • Frostproof connection to the outdoor unit
  • Photovoltaic control
  • COP 4,37 (SLM 3-11) or 4,50 (SLM 6-17) guarantees high efficiency
  • Heating, cooling & hot water
  • Controlled HGL technology for maximum hot water convenience and a
    long lifecycle
  • Voice control of the most important functions


With the iDM AERO SLM, you can heat either your family home or an entire car repair shop, the AERO SLM has a wide range of applications.
iDM heat pumps save costs, because the controlled HGL technology means more than 85 % of the energy is fed into the heating circuit at 35 °C. The remaining part reaches a temperature of 62 °C, and the content is made available for hot water preparation via the Hygienik tank with fresh water technology. Water is only heated when hot water is tapped. The water in the storage tank is for heating only. As a result, hot water is always fresh and the formation of microorganisms such as legionella and other bacteria is prevented.


Brochure – AERO SLM


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