iDM and Marco Rossi

iDM supports Marco Rossi on his way to the best ice hockey league in the world

On the night of October 7, 2020, the NHL-Draft took place in the USA. Rossi was a member of the Minnesota Wild NHL team.

After his accolades in the Ottawa Hockey League, a top ranking among the top prospects in the NHL Draft, and subsequent signing with the Minnesota Wild, Marco Rossi is no longer an unknown.

The Vorarlberg native has been passionate about ice hockey since his childhood. He started his career in Switzerland, then moved to Canada where he had a lot of success with the Ottawa 67’s, attracting the interest of the big teams in the National Hockey League.

This year the time had come, the 20 jury members of the NHL rated Marco Rossi as the top prospect of the NHL draft, the way to the best hockey league in the world was paved. On 07. 10. 2020 at approx. 01:00 (CET) started the NHL draft and Marco Rossi was picked by the Minnesota Wild club. So his new employer is from Minnesota, which is also the current residence of Thomas Vanek, probably the most famous Austrian hockey player in the US.

We are very proud to have supported Marco on his big leap into the NHL as a sponsoring partner and wish him the best of luck in his new challenge.


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