hot water with HGL technology


The iDM heat pump with HGL offers not only twice the comfort, but also helps to save additional sources of energy and the associated costs. iDM heat pumps work without a concealed additional immersion heater – cost-effectively and in an environmentally friendly way – for a lifetime. This is because this innovative technology is very sparing with your energy. It ensures a temperature of 60°C for hot water (at a supply temperature of 35°C) thanks to optimum operation of the heat pump without any energy loss.

Heat pumps with HGL technology and Hygienik

HGL heat exchanger in the heat pump circuit

  • 85% of the energy is available to the heating circuit at 35°C
  • 15% reach almost 60°C and are available for hot water via the Hygienik storage unit with fresh water technology. Thanks to the buffer storage tank and HGL, the heat pump is switched on and off less frequently. This increases the service life of the compressor. An additional heat exchanger between compressor (shown as coil in the diagram) and the condenser drains approximately 15% of the energy from the refrigeration circuit and brings it to a temperature of 60°C. This temperature is fed into the upper section of the Hygienik system. As a result, there is always a high temperature available to heat fresh water.

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