TERRA SW Complete

TERRA SW Complete geothermal heat pumps heat, cool and warm fresh water with environmental energy.

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iDM TERRA SW HGL Complete ground source heat pumps work with environmental energy from groundwater, deep drilling or comparable heat sources. In our usage, this geothermal heat pump for single-family homes is called Complete. Because we wanted to  build the system in such a way that it could be installed and connected with very little effort. What you know from your vacation under all inclusive, the Complete of iDM does also for you. So that living and well-being become one. They are characterized by highest efficiency, highest comfort and highest innovation. Heating capacity: 6/8/10/13/17 kW

  • Controlled HGL technology for maximum hot water convenience and a long lifecycle
  • High COP of 6.3 guarantees low energy consumption
  • Sound Reduction System SRS for silent operation
  • Navigator 2.0 control system to optimise energy consumption and convenience
  • Research, development and production in Austria
  • Voice control of the most important functions


Complete stands for a simple installation effort at iDM. The TERRA SW Complete offers you output sizes of 6, 8, 10, 3 and 17 kW, which means that the SW Complete can be installed in any small or even larger detached house.


Brochure – TERRA SW Complete

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