With the AERO ILM Complete air heat pumps, iDM Energiesysteme GmbH is presenting a compact solution for heating and hot water in detached houses with a very good performance coefficient and consequently a low electricity consumption. A verified COP of 4.11 or 4,32 at ambient temperatures of 2°C and heating supply temperatures of 35°C as per EN 14511 represent the highest values for an air/water heat pump in compact design. Your benefits:
– Simple installation and very small space required
– Navigator 2.0 control system with capacitive 7″ colour touch display
– Low electricity consumption
– High degree of comfort
– Sound Reduction System SRS for silent Operation
– Voice control of the most important functions

AERO ILM Complete
AERO ILM Complete

The new iDM AERO ILM Complete air heat pumps are particularly interesting for property developers and private building owners. Evaporator and heat pump are both fitted in a small space inside the housing with a high design height and slick dimensions. Despite its compact measurements, the heat pump boasts a COP of 4.11 or 4,32 and hence a very high output yield from the medium ambient air. As a result, it is currently one of the most efficient air heat pump with EHPA quality label and eligible for BAFA funding. The system is ready for operation and you must merely connect the air inlet and outlet from the outside and connect it to the heating system. The iDM Navigator is used to control the system and adjust settings. It combines simple and comfortable control technology with the option to control the system via the Internet and send service data directly to iDM. The Navigator is compatible with Smart Grid and hence ready to communicate with the electricity grid or photovoltaics systems.