Air heat pump iPump ALM 2-8 and iPump ALM 4-12


The new iDM iPump ALM is a modulating air heat pump for efficient performance adjustment. The heating, cooling and hot
water preparation of single-family houses is a child‘s play for the new iPump ALM. The heating output of the heat pump is
continuously adjusted to the actual heat demand by modulation between 2 kW and 8 kW or 4 kW and 12 kW. With the installed
hot water and buffer storage, the iPump ALM offers a particularly space-saving solution – whether in a new building or in a renovation.

iPump ALM 2-8 kW/4-12 kW

Maximum innovation – maximum efficiency – maximum comfort – are already three arguments for choosing an iPump A. Despite the compact design, the iPump ALM delivers a very high power output of 4,60 (iPump ALM 2-8) or 4,58 (iPump ALM 4-12)  according to EN 14511.

The Advantages:

  • Inverter controlled monoblock-type heat pump with natural refrigerant
  • Up to 70 °C flow temperature – ideal for renovation and new construction
  • COP 4,60 (iPump ALM 2-8) or COP 4,58 (iPump ALM 4-12)
  • State-funded due to maximum efficiency
  • Can hardly be heard – like all iDM air heat pumps
  • 270 l hot water storage, 95 l buffer storage
  • Natural refrigerant
  • Small floor space required
  • State-of-the-art inverter technology
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