Air source heat pump – iPump A 2-7 and iPump A 3-11

The iPump heats, cools and provides hot water.

With the iPump iDM Energiesysteme introduces the latest innovation in air heat pumps. The indoor unit, which looks like a piece of furniture, can be easily integrated into the already existing interior design. The external unit with facade element look easily adapts to is surroundings. Moreover the iPump needs only a very small installation space of only 0,45 m², so also the transport through any doors is not an obstacle. The integrated hot water storage with a flow rate up to 432 l provides sufficient water for all residents.

iPump A 2-7 and iPump A 3-11

Maximum innovation – maximum efficiency – maximum comfort – are already three arguments for choosing an iPump A. Despite the compact design, the iPump A delivers a very high power output of 4,42 (iPump A 2-7) or 4,37 (iPump A 3-11)  according to EN 14511.

The Advantages:

  • Optimized seasonal performance factor by inverter technology (modulating)
  • Stand-by mode: deactivation of all electricity consumers
  • Easy operation via a 7″ colour touch display
  • Remote maintenance & control via BUS, internet, APP
  • Voice control of the most important functions

Besides heating & cooling the iPump offers maximum comfort – within seconds the integrated storage tank provides sufficient hot water – on request up to 75 °C. As a result, the formation of microorganisms such as legionella and other bacteria is prevented.

The interior of the iPump