Production in Hohe Tauern region

iDM heat pumps is the largest Austrian manufacturer of heating heat pumps. Over 400 employees develop, produce and distribute mor than 10,000 heat pumps for heating, cooling and hot water every year. Due to the high demand, another production hall was recently opened at the headquarter in Matrei in Osttirol. The export quota is about 75 %.

From Matrei in East Tyrol, the company has been delivering heat pumps from 2 to 1,500 kW of the highest quality and reliability – including customized services – to customers throughout Europe since 1977.

As a pioneer for heat pumps, iDM has made a good name for itself primarily with its development expertise and numerous innovations. The intelligent iDM energy manager “Navigator 2.0” controls the heat pump, uses weather forecasts to adjust heat demand and solar power yields, learns the heating and cooling behavior of the individual rooms and optimizes the running times by calling up the electricity prices every hour.

iDM ensures efficient and clean heat for generations and makes a significant contribution to the energy transition.

iDM Energiesysteme GmbH is part of the PLETZER group, a traditional Tyrolean family company. The PLETZER group develops, operates and invests in sustainable companies and real estate in the Alpine region.


Leading technology from IDM. Expertise from installers.

iDM and our products are characterised by experience, quality, technology and versatility:
40 years of experience in developing heat pumps and multi-valent systems.
30 years of experience in fresh water technology to hygienically heat drinking water
TÜV-certified for production, EHPA quality label and MCS accreditation for heat pumps underline the high quality standards.
HGL technology, fresh water technology, NAVIGATOR control with Smart Phone as well as “Smart Grid ready” functionality demonstrate the technological lead.
The complete range for applying environmental energy from sun, earth, water or air from 2 – 700 kW for heating, cooling or hot water proves the versatility of iDM.
Our partners – installers, service companies, dealers and salespeople – bring in the full Know-how to use iDM’s technology. They are continuously trained as part of regular seminars at the iDM Academy.

Leading technology from IDM. Expertise from installers.


Managing Director
Managing Director

Quality, punctuality and reliability are iDM’s top priorities. The foundation of our success is customer contact. For me personally, I place particular value on the creation of employment.

Head of Sales

Our objective is to successfully distribute environmentally friendly and efficient heating systems for a cosy environment in Europe.

Technical Manager

Continuous product development on the one hand and on the other, the assessment of many unconventional ideas guarantee a constant, high product quality and solutions for the demands of the future.

Operations Manager

iDM’s success is a long, consistent development and operation that guarantees state-of-the-art technology as well as maximum quality and service life, convenient operation and application of the heat pump system. My work with alternative energy systems made my profession a leisure-time passion.

Head of Production

The production facilities and their staff are at the heart of iDM. A mixture of employees with many years of experience and new employees from the surrounding areas guarantees quality and the availability of iDM products. I place significant value on daily communication with all employees and their feedback.

Head of Purchasing

An essential foundation for the top-grade quality of our products is the use of largely European, high-quality components. I especially focus on continuously establishing, maintaining and strengthening partnerships with our suppliers.


40 years of a company are also 40 years of employee history and a company is only as strong as its employees are. iDM Energiesysteme is proud to have many experienced, long-time and loyal employees. The management level is always keen to secure jobs, since the awareness is very great that many families are dependent on these jobs. The apprenticeship training at iDM is also of great importance in order to train new qualified skilled workers and to make the whole company more attractive to the region. A steady growth indicates that the management of the employees is the right one. After 40 years, the iDM energy family is proud of the company and its 200 employees, who were and are the pillars of success.



Heating, cooling and hot water for detached houses.

We take care of your wellbeing with leading technology from iDM and know-how from your installer. 40 years of experience in developing and carefully producin…