Ground source heat pump – iPump T

Detached house or multiple dwelling – the iPump heats, cools and provides hot water.
iPump T

Regardless of whether you opt for an air source or ground source heat pump – the iDM iPump is the perfect solution für you! Besides heating & cooling the iPump offers maximum comfort – within seconds the integrated storage tank provides sufficient hot water – on request up to 75 °C. As a result, the formation of microorganisms such as legionella and other bacteria is prevented.

  • Extremely quiet operation
  • COP 4,71 (iPump T 2-8) or COP 5,01 (iPump T 3-13)
  • NAVIGATOR 2.0 control system with capacitive 7“ colour touch display
  • Very small installation space required – only 0,45 m²
  • Heating, cooling & hot water
  • Photovoltaic control
  • Voice control of the most important functions

The iPump is not only the perfect solution for detached houses – it is also the perfect choice for multi family dwellings: All iPump heat pumps get their energy from one heat source. This reduces investment costs & installation space and provides heating, cooling and hot water for each residential unit.
Other advantages: easy insertion due to divisibility, no losses through a circulation line, due to the individual water heating the complicated counting and invoicing process can be avoided.

iPump interior unit