iDM fresh water station

The iDM fresh water station ensures a comforting supply of hygienic hot water in a matter of seconds. The stainless steel plate heat exchanger (free of non-ferrous metal) guarantees long durability, high corrosion resistance and first class hygienical standard.

  • Stainless steel plate heat exchanger – free of non-ferrous metal
  • Fresh water technology for hygienic hot water in a matter of seconds and a high level of convenience
  • Completely pre-assembled
  • Installation directly on the iDM Hygienik or on the wall

The Hygienik provides fresh, hot water in seconds: it heats up from top to bottom in layers. This quickly increases the temperature in the upper section to 50°C or more and hot water becomes available within a short period of time.

The heat is used in reverse sequence: the bottom section cools down first, heat always dissipates towards the top. Hygienik makes use of this with intelligent, layered storage tank technology. A speed-dependent pump at the fresh water station ensures the hot water has been equally heated up and the return to the bottom section of the storage tank is permanently cold.

Deposits form in conventional boilers that may become a reproduction area for Legionella bacteria and other pathogenic agents. iDM Hygienik technology does not store drinking or service water, but exclusively heating water. Fresh water is stored in small quantities in the piping and the plate heat exchanger. This gives pathogenic agents no chance – and you always have hygienic fresh water available.



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